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We are a technology company that strive to provide the best service available with a range of innovative products.

Terms & Conditions

Your use of this website and our service are subject to our Terms & Conditions.


Your account may be terminated by us without notice, if you do any of the following:

  1. Create links that forward to illegal or adult content.
  2. Create links that are used in scams or phishing.
  3. Try and flood our network with requests.
  4. Use fraudulent payment details or provide us with false information.

You may cancel your account easily, and at any time by logging in to your account and following the Delete Account procedure.


For every month after the first full 30 days of interruption, we will provide a refund for services not received on a pro-rata basis. Thus, we only provide refunds to customer who pay yearly.

Service quality

We use a load balanced network of high end web servers, that incorporate the latest in NvME storage and Intel i9 CPUs.  The load balancing system, SSL, secure DNS, acceleration and content caching are provided to us by CloudFlare.  We take every effort in ensuring the system is available at all times and during all conditions.  However, we cannot accept liability for third party failures.  No warranty is expressed or given in relation to any of our services, software, products, or providers.


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